Why material quality is important

If you are considering purchasing original artwork, it is important that you are aware of (and able to identify) the different qualities of art materials that can be used by an artist. 

  Many beginning artists start painting with student quality paints.  There are good reasons for this, such as: not sure if you want to pursue art long term, it's just a hobby, not intending to sell your art, etc.  And supplies can be expensive.  However, once one has decided that being a fine artist is "where it's at", and has determined that they have what it takes to pursue it seriously, it is important to start upgrading to artist quality materials.  Cheaper lines of paint have more fillers (kind of like cheap hamburgers!), colour consistency is unreliable, and often pigments used are "fugitive", which means that they will fade relatively quickly over time.  Ask the artist if the pigments he/she uses are" light fast", or check their website or blog for details on materials used.  You could be glad you did.

"A bouquet of flowers might last a week, but a picture of them on the wall should last a lifetime."